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Would you like to save 50 to 70% on your heating, cooling and hot water costs? A geothermal heating and cooling system makes it easy.

How does it work?

Geothermal systems use the stored energy in the earth to heat and cool your home. About 6 feet below the surface the ground temperature remains constant year-round. In the summer time, this ground is much cooler than the air. Less electricity is required to cool your home using the ground than trying to cool your home with the already hot outdoor air. The process is reversed in the winter to provide efficient heating. Instead of burning fuel or converting electricity directly to heat, a geothermal system uses a small amount of electricity to move stored heat from the ground back into your home. The ground acts like a large battery – storing heat from the home during the summer months and releasing it back to the home in the winter.

For more information and a detailed explanation of the technology, please check out the following resources:

Department of Energy – Geothermal 101

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Wikipedia – Geothermal Heat Pump

How much does it cost?

Like any major mechanical system in the home, costs vary based on the difficulty of installation and the specific features of the equipment. A ballpark estimate for a typical home is that a geothermal system will cost roughly three times what a conventional heating and air system would. Geothermal systems qualify for a 30% Federal Tax credit on the total cost, with no cap. When combined with the tax credit, a typical geothermal system will pay for itself in 6-8 years and will provide incredible comfort and energy savings well into the future.

How long does it last?

Because geothermal equipment is not exposed to the harsh elements of rain, snow and wind, it typically lasts much longer than conventional equipment. With a 10-year parts and 10-year labor warranty, you can rest assured that any expenses will be covered for many years to come.

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