The correct size improves comfort and reduces costs, maintenance, and energy use.

Bigger is not always better with HVAC systems:

With oversized equipment, inital costs are higher, efficiency is reduced, energy costs increase, and comfort may be compromised, including poor humidity control.  Plus, more starts and stops, much like a car, accelerate wear and tear on the equipment which can lead to premature failure.

For a new home under initial construction, ask to see your HVAC Contractor’s Manual J load calculation.  Rule-of-thumb calculations are a quick way to a bad heating & cooling system.  Do not let a contractor fool you that bigger is better.  The correct size is always the best.

And remember, open the basement vents in winter, close them in the summer.  Your duct system is designed to provide the proper heating in the winter in the basement, but that is far more cooling than will be required in the summer in the basement.  This way, you can “push air” exactly where you want it to go.

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