Summer is here to stay for the next few months and so is the Kansas heat. As temperatures range into the 100s, you’re probably wanting to crank your A/C but feeling weary of doing so as you know your electricity bill will sky-rocket.

There’s no need to sacrifice your comfort this summer as you can follow these easy steps to reducing the heat in your house without breaking the bank.

Be smart about your blinds, curtains, and doors.

Keeping your blinds, curtains, and doors open may bring in lots of light allowing you to keep your lights off, but it’s also bringing in lots of heat. By shutting your doors and closing your blinds and curtains, you will be blocking the sun’s rays from entering your home and adding unnecessary heat.

You can also go the extra-mile and buy blackout curtains. These curtains have an extra layer of protection so they can reflect light.

Thinking about hosting a barbecue? Now is the time to do it!

It’s no secret that ovens and stoves emit tons of heat into your house, so why continue to use them? If your oven is heating to a toasty 350 degrees, your house is sure to maintain some of that heat. Instead, dust off the grill and invite your friends over for a fun afternoon of barbecuing and relaxing.

Change your A/C filters regularly.

During the months when you are actively using your A/C, change your filter every 4-6 weeks. Not only does a dirty filter reduce the air quality in your home, but also reduces the efficiency of the airflow.

Get eco-friendly and change your light bulbs!

Not only do incandescent light bulbs cause problems for the environment, but they also waste most of the energy they emit. That means they are heating up your house more than necessary. Instead, switch to compact fluorescent lights which are more energy-efficient.

Service your A/C unit.

By having your unit regularly serviced and maintained, your A/C should run more effectively and efficiently. If you postpone all of your A/C issues and normal wear-and-tear problems until the last minute, the unit will not work as effectively. This will cost you more money as you continue to crank up the A/C in hopes that it will run better.

Instead of spending tons on your electric bill, have your unit serviced with our maintenance plans and save some money in the long run!