As the winter season hits with full-force, keeping your home warm without blasting your heater and skyrocketing your bills is a major priority for most. To keep your bill low and your warmth high, try some of these tips to improve the heat quality in your home.

Start With the Windows

Drafty windows let in more cold air than you may realize. By caulking your window frames and sealing the areas where air can come through, you can prevent that cold winter frost from infiltrating your home.

For an added layer of protection, use your curtains. In the summer, pulling your shades can help keep out that hot sun, but in the window, opening those curtains on a sunny day can provide warmth and light (which is a double-bonus so you can turn off lamps). When the sun goes down, close your curtains so the heat won’t escape. You can also try thermal curtains for an added layer of protection.

Block Out the Drafts

Other ways to prevent drafts is sealing every nook and cranny of your home. From an attic that’s not sealed air-tight to cold, winter drafts coming under the front door, make sure to have all these areas sealed off. This way, you can prevent the cold air from coming in and the hot air from going out.

Maintain the Fireplace

While a cozy, toasty fire is sure to keep you warm, make sure to take precautions for your fireplace when it is not in use. By using a fireplace plug or balloon, you can stop the heat from escaping through a drafty fireplace chimney. Plugs and balloons can also be used in the off-season of your fireplace to keep it from being further damaged when it’s not in use.

HVAC Checkup

Have your HVAC system checked out to be sure there are no problems with it before a cold front hits. That way, minor issues can be taken care of quickly before they turn into more significant complications. By having your furnace and heating system maintained, you won’t have any uncertainties about whether or not your system is functioning correctly.

By using Fahnestock, you also have the option of enrolling in our preventative maintenance plans. Our maintenance plans can help you have peace of mind about your system, can deter unexpected costs and will allow you to experience year-round comfort.