HVAC unit changing HEPA MERV filter

Be Ready for Allergy Season

Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit is not only crucial to maintaining your investment, but it can also ease the allergy season for your family. Controlling the pollen and allergens in the air outside is impossible, but the air quality inside your home is simple to control with a few simple tips.

Understanding your HVAC Systems

Inside air is cycled through your HVAC system when using the heater, air conditioner, fan, or any combination of the three. Basic filters are designed to protect the unit from dust buildup, not filtering allergens out of the air. Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems includes cleaning of the units, which reduces the buildup of dust and allergens.

Choosing a HEPA Filter

Look for a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter with a high minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV rating to significantly reduce allergens in your home. Residential filters will have a MERV rating from 1-12, the higher the rating, the better. For more about MERV ratings and standards, check out the National Air Filtration Association guidelines. Choosing a filter to help reduce allergens is simple once you know how air filter ratings work.

Cleaning your Home

Regular dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping will keep the dust and allergens that get brought in from outside at a minimum. Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans in each room, curtains, and ceilings if dusty. Following these 10 tips will also help you reduce everyday allergens around the house.

Temperature and Humidity in your House

Keeping your home at a consistent temperature with a programmable thermostat that switches between heating and cooling systems automatically will also help reduce allergy suffering. Check out last years post on how to reduce dust mites and help with asthma symptoms by keeping humidity levels low.

Preventative Maintenance Saves you Money

If you haven’t had your units professionally serviced or cleaned, call to schedule an appointment so you can breathe easy this Spring – at least while you are indoors. Extend the life of your HVAC systems and save money with regular maintenance by enrolling in one of our preventative maintenance service plans that cost less than $1 per day, per system.