For years, people had to plug their phones into converter devices before connecting them to a traditional outlet. Times have changed. Thanks to the advancement in smartphone technology, almost all charging devices work with USB power ports.

Although many other charging options still work efficiently, USB outlets are gaining more popularity than ever before. Known as the Universal Serial Bus, these modern cables are replacing outdated power chargers due to their versatility and effectiveness.

Not yet convinced? Read on to learn more about these devices and the importance of installing them in your home.

1. Do Away With Adapters and Free-Up AC Outlets

Most USB-dependent devices come with big AC adapters that can become a significant inconvenience. This is because they take up space on your outlets. With USB outlets, you won’t have to use the adapters anymore. You can remove the USB from the adapters and insert them directly into the wall.

This comes into handy, especially if you’re charging your phone in places where the outlet is already used for small appliances and lamps. When you want to charge more than one electronic device, you’ll need to have different power strips or chargers.

However, with an adapter-free USB outlet, all you need is the cables, and you’re good to go. Areas around your kitchen counters, nightstands, and couches are typically limited. In most cases, you may have to unplug your lamp to create space for charging your electric devices.

With in-wall USB receptacles, you’ll have multiple outlets to charge your electronic gadgets in areas with limited space. If you rely heavily on technology and you’re always on the move, you’ve likely misplaced your adapter more than once.

With time, regularly replacing these adapters can be quite expensive and frustrating. Installing USB outlets saves you all the hassle involved in using adapters.

2. Increase Charging Stations

Nowadays, almost every home has more than one mobile device that depends on USB chargers. Therefore, instead of placing all these devices in a single charging station, you can install multiple USB outlets in specific locations where you always charge your mobile devices.

This includes the kitchen, bedrooms, hallways, and living room. A professional electrician can help you design an effective electrical plan. When properly installed, these USB outlets can serve as reliable charging stations.

3. Charge Faster

Installing USB outlets in your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re taking the least time possible to charge your phone. Through these outlets, you can effectively charge more than one USB-powered device. This eliminates power strips and turns your living space into a clutter-free charging station.

If you don’t have an adapter to charge your mobile device from a three-pronged socket, you might decide to plug it into your TV’s USB port or even your laptop. However, using this method isn’t the best way to quickly get those batteries fully charged. In fact, you might spend almost the entire day waiting for your gadget to finish charging.

This is because your laptop and TV won’t deliver enough current for fast charging. Using an adapter plugged into the wall might be a bit faster. However, by plugging your device directly into a USB outlet, you’ll charge it up to 40% more quickly than using an adapter.

That’s because most USB outlets have smart chips that detect your gadget’s amperage and that adjust the current output accordingly. This helps your device to charge as quickly as possible.

4. Offer Versatility

One of the most notable benefits of installing USB outlets is that they offer versatility. No matter what type of electronic gadget you have, you can effectively charge it so long as it supports a standard USB connection.

From tablets to gaming consoles, video cameras, fitness gadgets, and digital cameras, you can charge them all! This means that you’ll no longer have to keep those many outdated chargers in bulk.

5. Increased Safety

Increased safety is one of the essential benefits that USB outlets can offer. It’s no secret that overloading your switches and outlets can cause fire outbreaks. Those extra adapters and chargers can easily overwhelm your outlets, damaging them in the process.

On the other hand, a professional electrician can install USB outlets in different locations within your home. This way, you won’t have to overload your outlets. Additionally, the fact that USB outlets are more efficient at charging electronic devices reduces the need to rely on multiple adapters. This helps in limiting the risk of an overload.

6. Relatively More Durable

Because of their lightweight and sleek designs, most portable USB chargers are prone to damage. However, USB outlets are much more durable. Sometimes you may need to plug in several devices at once on the traditional charging systems. This makes them vulnerable, and they can become costly to repair.

With the wall ports, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll last for years since they’re made of durable and high-quality materials. You won’t have to worry about damaging your charger’s adaptor and having to buy a new one.

When you have technicians install USB outlets inside your home, depending on fragile chargers will be a thing of the past. You’ll just plug your cable directly into your outlet.

7. More Energy Efficient

Unlike outdated power chargers, USB outlets are more energy efficient. This is because they provide more current and take the shortest time possible to charge your electronic devices fully. What’s more, these outlets use zero standby power, thus enhancing their efficiency even further. Even when you’ve switched off your device, and it’s still plugged in, it won’t consume energy.

8. Convenience

In other mobile devices, you’ll have to unplug them first before making a call or texting. USB outlets allow you to charge your device and use it simultaneously. That’s pretty convenient.

Some laptops have limited ports, making it difficult for you to charge more than one device at the same time. With USB outlets, you can make use of their functionalities anytime. Additionally, detached USB ports can be bulky and cover up other unused outlets. Installing USB outlets in your home solves all those issues and gives you the convenience you genuinely deserve.

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