Humidity Electric

Humidity can cause major electrical issues inside your house. High moisture content affects electrical equipment and wiring as well. Humidity emanates from typical activities, such as cooking, drying clothes, and washing dishes. When taking a shower, indoor moisture increases massively. Additionally, heating and cooling appliances are behind the high humidity levels in your residence. Leaking pipes also contribute to moisture in the air. Here are the primary electrical problems that air moisture causes.

What Is Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. Usually, you can operate your electrical devices at a range of 30% to 50% humidity. If the range exceeds 50%, it causes electrical issues. High humidity leads to condensation because warm air in your home comes in contact with a cold surface.

Rusting and Corrosion

A large amount of water vapor inside your house leads to condensation. As a result, moisture settles on electrical devices that you own. Plus, water can seep through gadgets with sheer simplicity. Most of them have metallic parts either on the inside or outside. With time, rusting and corrosion can occur, damaging the equipment. For example, the switchgear may corrode and rust due to humidity. Ultimately, your electrical gadgets will start malfunctioning.

Additionally, electrical wires will rust, lights will flicker, and sensors won’t work any longer. Don’t worry when that happens since Fahnestock Plumbing, HVAC, and Electric can fix the issue. Our experts will spot any form of corrosion and remedy the situation right away.

Short Circuits

Wet wires eventually wear out due to corrosion, leading to short circuiting. Typically, water increases the current in the circuit, causing low insulation resistance. As a result, your residence will experience frequent tripping or short circuits. You might even think that there’s a power outage only to find out it’s your home without power.

We advise you not to touch bare wires that have corroded over time. The current is normally high, causing short circuits. Our professional electricians will check the breaker and wires.


As aforementioned, humidity gets into your electrical appliances through condensation. It’s no secret that modern devices are the leading causes of fires. For instance, an appliance that has corroded wires leads to constant short circuiting. The chances are high that the fuse gets blown during the short circuit. Without the fuse, the wires will heat up and start a fire. The loss of conductivity means that the equipment can’t resist high currents. When you smell burning wires in your house, alert us immediately to check out what’s going on.

Premature Deterioration

Your computer, phone, and other gadgets need batteries to function. With high humidity levels, water penetrates these devices. Your battery will start swelling, forcing you to buy another device. Your gadgets may also start to malfunction. Don’t ignore a swollen battery because your phone could blow up and cause severe damage.

An AC or heat pump can last up to 10 years under proper care, such as with maintenance. However, high humidity damages the electrical wires and components, cutting short its lifespan. The wear and tear that comes with water vapor is inevitable in these machines.


Devices such as HVAC systems and computers have internal fans to circulate air, which helps to prevent overheating. High humidity in your home affects the equipment’s ability to cool or manage the heat. Hot temperatures and moisture go hand in hand.

Thus, the electrical devices will have a hard time managing the humidity levels that come with the heat. Fans won’t circulate the air, leading to overheating. Foggy screens are a telltale sign that humidity is an issue. Plus, if your computer feels hotter than usual, water vapor may be causing the overheating.

Breakdowns in Electric Equipment

Humid air enters electric equipment, damaging wires and other components. The device will struggle to function due to rusting and corrosion. Water droplets cause short circuits when they come in contact with the devices. In addition, when the machine overheats, it might break down.

You might lose data if your phone or computer stops working completely. Home appliances such as refrigerators are vital in keeping your food fresh. Thus, food will spoil since the fridge is no longer functional.

High Electricity Bills

Skyrocketing bills at the end of the month result from overworking electric equipment. For example, during the summer, your air conditioner should blow cool air to give you comfort. Water vapor seeps through the AC unit, damaging crucial components. The cooling system will run continuously, straining to offer you and your family a cool indoor environment.

When it’s time to pay your utility bills, you’ll notice that your energy costs are high. The primary cause is high humidity tampering with how the equipment functions.

Inaccurate Readings

Knowing energy consumption for your house is utterly crucial. High humidity damages devices in many ways that we’ve discussed. Faulty electrical equipment leads to inaccurate power readings. On that account, you won’t get accurate power usage information. Worse still, you might pay high bills based on inaccurate data.

When humidity gets to the switchgear, you’ll get the wrong figures regarding power consumption and supply. You might think that you’re running out of electricity supply, yet you still have adequate units to use.

Voltage Surge

A power surge occurs when water vapor gets to electrical wires. Corroded and rusty wires cause 80% of internal surges. High voltage can damage your appliances and lighting fixtures. If you notice that you replace burnt bulbs regularly, surges are probably the issue. Condensation has taken root in electrical components, causing a problem. The power may go off for a second or so, meaning that you experienced a voltage surge. Faulty appliances that have undergone corrosion owing to humidity can result in power surges as well.

Electric Shocks

Another common problem that humidity causes is electric shock. When water settles on wires and other electrical devices, you can get a shock. Usually, wet wires and appliances generate high currents. When you touch them with bare hands, it’s utterly dangerous. It isn’t a pleasant thing to go through since it’s life-threatening. The high voltage wire can cause major injuries and even death. Our electricians will look for bare wires and fix the issue.

Controlling Humidity in Your Home

You can control humidity in your residence with a few simple steps. Our experts at Fahnestock Plumbing, HVAC, and Electric can install a dehumidifier. This device is effective at reducing excessive moisture in the air. Your house will have normal humidity levels for your appliances and electrical components. You’ll also have the best ventilation at all times.

We’ll also inspect your HVAC system to ensure that it’s in excellent condition. This way, it can work with the dehumidifier to meet your cooling needs. Your indoor space will be comfortable and free of dampness and hot air. Plus, we’ll check to see if the AC is oversized, leading to excess humidity.

If the HVAC unit is old and you live in the Wichita area, we’ll install a new one that suits your needs. The new equipment will control humidity and safeguard all of your electric devices. It will also run efficiently, so you won’t complain about overheating or high bills.

Contact us at Fahnestock Plumbing, HVAC, and Electric today for more information. We offer heating and cooling services, including repairs, installation, and maintenance.