Common AC Problems in Wichita, KS

When the summertime heat decides to rear its ugly head once again, many homeowners turn to their trusty air conditioning systems. When your AC unit is working great, you likely don’t give it much thought. However, it’s likely that you’ll experience a problem or two throughout the lifespan of your unit.

Low Refrigerant Charge

One common issue that most homeowners deal with is a low refrigerant charge. Refrigerant is a necessary substance that transfers the heat from the inside of your home to the outdoors. However, over time, the coils that house this refrigerant are susceptible to pinhole leaks. When enough refrigerant leaks out, it can hinder your air conditioner’s ability to remove heat from the air inside of your home.

Poor Airflow

There are various components of your air conditioning system, including the outdoor compressor unit and the interior ductwork. When airflow to these system components is blocked, it can hinder your air conditioner’s ability to produce cool air for your home. Poor airflow can be caused by a number of different factors.

A clogged filter can reduce the amount of air that flows through your ductwork. Poor spacing in front of your interior vents can hinder the vent’s ability to deliver cooled air or remove warm air. Lastly, overgrown shrubs near your outdoor compressor unit can result in inefficiency in producing cold air.

Broken Capacitor

Another common problem that homeowners experience with their air conditioning system is capacitor failure. Inside the outdoor compressor unit, there is a capacitor that supplies energy to the motor inside of the unit. This capacitor is very vulnerable to overheating due to short cycling or running too hard. The capacitor is also susceptible to wear and tear and power surge issues. Getting the capacitor replaced as soon as you experience the issue can help to keep repair costs fairly reasonable. You never want to let this problem go as it can get very costly the longer you wait.

Clogged Drain

As the warm air passes over the evaporator coil and heat is transferred out of it, excess humidity is also removed from the air. This excess humidity turns into moisture drops that fall off the evaporator coil and down into the drain pan. Over time, loose debris and hard water buildup can cause the drain in your air conditioning system to become clogged.

When this happens, the moisture that was removed out of the air can’t escape through the drain. Instead, it will actually back up inside of your air conditioning unit. This will lead to water leakage around your indoor air conditioning unit. Cleaning out your drain with bleach and water is necessary to remove the clog.

Duct Leaks

Throughout your entire home, there is a series of ductwork that helps to direct airflow. If you noticed that your system seems to be running correctly and it’s not producing enough cold air to cool down your home, there could be leaks in your ductwork.

Even small holes can remove a good bit of cooled air from your ductwork before it ever gets to be delivered to the rooms inside of your home. It’s highly advisable to contact an air conditioning pro to assess your ductwork for various leaks and seal them up. Ignoring leaks in your ductwork just causes your air conditioning unit to have to work harder to try to keep your home at a comfortable level for your family.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils inside of your home air conditioning system house a substance known as refrigerant. As the warm air inside of your home passes over the evaporator coils, the heat is transferred from the air to the refrigerant. Unfortunately, if there is not enough airflow around the evaporator coil, they can get too cold due to the lack of heat transfer.

Over time, this can lead to an ice buildup on the evaporator coils, which prevents them from doing their job. To remedy this issue, you’ll need to first identify your airflow problem. This could be due to something as simple as a clogged air filter. Once you’ve fixed the airflow problem, you’ll need to allow a couple of hours for your evaporator coils to defrost before turning your AC system back on.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Just as your system’s evaporator coils are susceptible to problems, so are its condenser coils. The condenser coils are located inside the outdoor air conditioning unit. They’re responsible for removing the heat from the refrigerant. When the area surrounding the condenser coil has too much debris buildup on it, it can hinder the condenser coils from being able to transfer the heat out of the refrigerant.

It’s a necessity to use a condenser coil cleaner to get rid of the stuck-on debris. The condenser coil tends to be more prone to debris buildup due to the fact that it’s in an outside environment.

Fan Problems

Your entire air conditioning system has two main fans. One of these fans is in the inside unit that is responsible for blowing the warm air over the evaporator coils. The second fan is located in the outside unit, which is responsible for blowing the outdoor air over the condenser coil. A defect in either one of these fans can cause your entire air conditioning system to malfunction.

There are a number of different issues that could create a fan problem. The most obvious is that the motor for the fan is not working and needs to be replaced. The fan may have worn belts or there may be a lack of lubricant that is preventing the fans from working properly. Even a buildup of dirt or other debris on the fan blades can restrict their ability to properly do their job.

Thermostat Malfunction

Another common issue that homeowners tend to experience with their air conditioning system is a malfunction with the thermostat. If you go to turn your air conditioning unit on and its display won’t work, it’s a problem with your thermostat.

The problem may be as simple as replacing the batteries in the thermostat. Or, it may be as complex as having to completely replace the thermostat. Since your thermostat is the brain of your entire air conditioning system, a malfunction with it will stop the rest of your system from functioning correctly.

Rapid Cycling

When your air conditioning system is working optimally, it will kick on and off a couple of times throughout the day to make sure that the temperature is correct inside of your home. However, if you noticed that your air conditioning system is constantly kicking on and off all day long, it’s an indication that there’s something wrong.

This rapid or short-cycling problem can be caused by a number of issues. Some of the most common include a clogged air filter, bad thermostat placement, low refrigerant levels, and even a defective compressor. While you may be able to fix some of these issues on your own, you may need to call in a professional to assess your entire system and determine the cause of the rapid cycling.

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