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Does the Location of the Thermostat Matter?

Everyone knows keeping your home at the right temperature can come with a huge energy bill. From heat pumps to air conditioning units, it’s almost impossible to keep your HVAC system maintained without a professional. This is due to the unit’s intricate nature and placement in the home. This article will help you understand the … Continue reading “Does the Location of the Thermostat Matter?”

Leaky Windows Impact Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

The ability to keep your Wichita, Kansas home warm during the winter with a simple push of a thermostat button is something you probably do without even thinking about it. However, go back in time 100 years, and keeping the inside of your home warm was a challenge. It is easy to take the little … Continue reading “Leaky Windows Impact Your Home’s Heating Efficiency”

How to Choose the Ideal Furnace Filters

You’ve likely had troubles in the past determining the best filter for your furnace. You may have chosen a brand that was easily available locally or have used a recommendation from a friend or family member. While your current choice of filter may work to a degree, it might not be the best option for … Continue reading “How to Choose the Ideal Furnace Filters”

Checking to See if a Furnace Up to Code

Your HVAC system may be up to code, but is your furnace? Most homeowners don’t inspect their furnaces regularly. While it’s undoubtedly true that furnaces are an essential part of your heating system, it’s also true that furnace safety is equally important. If your furnace is not up to code, you may be putting yourself … Continue reading “Checking to See if a Furnace Up to Code”

What You Need to Know if You’ve Got a Leaky Furnace

If you’ve got water pooling on the floor near your furnace, you’re definitely not alone. Countless Wichita homeowners experience this issue each year. The good news is that it’s often easy to resolve. Following is everything you need to know about leaky furnaces including how to fix them. What Type of Furnace Do You Have … Continue reading “What You Need to Know if You’ve Got a Leaky Furnace”

10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Needs New Air Ducts

An HVAC system is vital in our homes. When installed properly, the unit enables you to control your living space’s heating and air conditioning from a central point. It also allows you to enjoy the desired indoor temperatures during different seasons. As a homeowner, you need to understand that the HVAC system comprises other parts, … Continue reading “10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Needs New Air Ducts”

Your Guide to Safely Relighting the Pilot Light on Your Furnace

The majority of your home’s furnace maintenance should be handled by a qualified HVAC technician. This is essential for keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact and for ensuring optimum levels of safety. However, if your pilot light ever goes out, this is a minor issue that you should be able to handle on your own. With … Continue reading “Your Guide to Safely Relighting the Pilot Light on Your Furnace”

Busting Myths About Summertime Cooling

When the warm summer weather comes back around, many of us are looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to various misconceptions about how to stay cool. We’re going to bust some of the most popular myths out there so that you don’t fall victim to them this summer … Continue reading “Busting Myths About Summertime Cooling”