Geothermal Heating in Hutchinson, KS

Geothermal Heating in Hutchinson, KSAre you considering geothermal heating in Hutchinson, KS? A geothermal system is a great alternative to traditional heating. Geothermal units use the stored energy in the earth for power. Although the geothermal units use some electricity to operate, the amount is much less than a traditional furnace. In fact, the ground acts like a large battery – storing heat from your home during the summer and then releasing it back to the home in the wintertime.

This kind of system takes a professional HVAC contractor to install and maintain, so make sure to choose the best in town – Fahnestock HVAC!

Quality Geothermal System Installation in Hutchinson

You may be wondering just how the Earth itself can heat and cool your home. Well, we have answers! About six feet below the Earth’s surface, the temperature remains constant. It’s cooler than the air in the summertime, and using a geothermal unit to cool your home means that you need much less energy than traditional air conditioning because you don’t need to cool the hot outside air first. A geothermal system reverses this process in the wintertime, where your geothermal heating unit uses minimal electricity to move stored heat from the ground into your home.

There are many reasons to consider installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home!
  • Increased comfort year round
  • Less wear and tear than traditional HVAC systems
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Geothermal systems qualify for a 30% Federal Tax credit

Because the components of your home’s geothermal system are mostly underground, they aren’t exposed to the harsh summer sun and snowstorms that Hutchinson experiences. The system is protected, so it won’t have as much wear and tear, meaning that it can last longer than a regular HVAC system with expert care and maintenance. Plus, with our 10-year parts and 10-year labor warranty, you can rest assured that any expenses will be covered for many years to come.

Dependable Geothermal System Installation

Get a Geothermal Heating System Quote TodayAre you ready for a more “green” method of heating and cooling your Hutchinson home? Our heating experts are ready to help you select the ideal system for your home, and our NATE-Certified service technicians guarantee 100% satisfactory installation service. At Fahnestock HVAC, our family of skilled and well-trained employees takes pride in delivering the highest standards in design, fabrication, installation, and service. This is demonstrated by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which indicates our commitment to ethical service.

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