7 Cooling Myths Debunked

People talk about myths as easily as they do opinions or news. Although well-intentioned as advice, myths are not only untrue, but they are also misleading. In fact, they can be costly and self-defeating for people who want to improve their lives. Many myths even seem intuitive, which is part of their appeal. Those about … Continue reading “7 Cooling Myths Debunked”

Keeping Our Customers and Employees Safe During COVID-19

At Fahnestock, customer and employee health and safety is our highest priority. We have been closely monitoring the updates and recommendations by our local and federal government agencies regarding the impact of COVID-19 to our community and business operations. Many people are being asked to work and stay at home to prevent the spread of … Continue reading “Keeping Our Customers and Employees Safe During COVID-19”

How to Reduce Your Water Usage

Becoming energy-efficient and saving money on bills is usually directed towards home amenities like electricity and HVAC systems. Often overlooked, a home’s water usage is an area in which homeowners can save money and the environment through more efficient consumption and maintenance.  On average, each person in the United States consumes 80-100 gallons of water … Continue reading “How to Reduce Your Water Usage”

Indoor Air Quality Tips to Reduce Allergy Suffering

Be Ready for Allergy Season Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit is not only crucial to maintaining your investment, but it can also ease the allergy season for your family. Controlling the pollen and allergens in the air outside is impossible, but the air quality inside your home is simple to control with a few … Continue reading “Indoor Air Quality Tips to Reduce Allergy Suffering”

Pros and Cons of a Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters usually come in two standard forms: storage tanks and tankless. While both options serve their purpose, it may be hard to know which option is better suited for you.  Storage Tanks In the average home, storage water tanks are the more likely option to be found. Depending on whether your water heater is … Continue reading “Pros and Cons of a Tankless Water Heater”

Space Heaters: Safety Tips for the Winter

It’s getting colder out and that means it’s time to start turning on those space heaters. Maybe you’re not ready to turn on the heat in your entire home, or maybe you live with someone that’s constantly cold. Either way, space heaters can be helpful when a specific room or person needs a little extra … Continue reading “Space Heaters: Safety Tips for the Winter”

Does Air Conditioning Help with Allergies?

When spring rolls around in Kansas, that usually means the season of rain, flowers…and allergies. From runny noses to watery eyes, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. Although these issues are usually related to the season and nature, there are things that can be done to minimize allergy symptoms in the … Continue reading “Does Air Conditioning Help with Allergies?”

HVAC Spring Checklist

With the new season upon us, it’s time to make sure your HVAC units are prepared for the spring weather. From simple checks like air filters to more in-depth cleaning like the air ducts and vents, these tips should help you get your system ready for April showers, allergy season and spring weather! Air Filters … Continue reading “HVAC Spring Checklist”

Tips to prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm

Being from the midwest means Kansans are prepared for the crazy weather and for a snowstorm to occur in November or April. What some people might not know, though, is that prepping for a snowstorm means preparing your HVAC unit as well. Unit preparation is much easier than it sounds, but will significantly benefit your … Continue reading “Tips to prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm”