My family and I have had a maintenance warranty with Fahnestock since 1986. It’s the best value for money among all our spending on our home. Besides the routine maintenance visits twice a year that we get with our Fahnestock maintenance policy, its repairmen respond to our emergency calls any day of the year, any time of the day or night. When it’s boiling hot or extremely cold outside, it’s great to know that Fahnestock will send a repairman within very few hours if our HVAC system fails for whatever reason. There have been several occasions when that happened, and it seems like they always happen in the middle of the night and/or on week-end days. Fahnestock never failed us. When our air conditioner finally outlived its utility, we purchased a new system from them. While we waited until the all-day process of installing a new system could be scheduled, Fahnestock promptly installed a temporary one. I would recommend Fahnestock to homeowners without reservations. A great company with great management and honest service. Five stars!

Adib "AF" Farha