Maximize Your Airflow: Balance Your Cooling and Heating System

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get enough airflow to one room or end of your home? Ever wonder why your basement is soooooo much colder than your main floor? You don’t have to be uncomfortable. All you have to do is “balance” your system! Follow these guidelines and watch your comfort improve dramatically! … Continue reading “Maximize Your Airflow: Balance Your Cooling and Heating System”

Meet “Dr. Fahnestock, Professor of Thermology”!

Meet Our Mascot: Dr. Fahnestock – Professor of Thermology A common question we receive at Fahnestock Plumbing, HVAC and Electric in Wichita, Kansas, is, “Who’s the professor guy on the side of your vans, and in your TV commercials and radio ads?” It’s a great question, and it’s a great story. “The professor guy” is … Continue reading “Meet “Dr. Fahnestock, Professor of Thermology”!”